Renting and building a real estate portfolio takes a lot of cash. It just does. And we always thought once we got bigger we’d have more capital. But it turns out that once you get bigger, you need more capital. So we found ourselves having a cash-flowing real estate portfolio but still needing to come up with big sums of cash flow, and there was nobody who was going to lend on that cash flow. And so we started Nectar to do that.  - Derrick Barker, Nectar Co-Founder and CEO

Nectar Co-Founders Derrick Barker and Brittany Mosely joined Avery Carl on “The Short Term Show” to explain how Nectar is helping successful real estate investors access the capital they need to keep growing. They explain how Nectar started from their own experience as real estate investors and share an inside look at Nectar’s ideal clients, underwriting process, and terms. 

In this episode, Derrick and Brittany discuss:

  • Their background as real estate investors
  • The problem they created Nectar to solve
  • Who can benefit from Nectar financing
  • Nectar’s underwriting and approval process