Atlanta, GA - January 30, 2024, - Nectar, a leading working capital marketplace, is launching its new and improved website. Nectar provides liquidity to professional real estate owners and operators in the form of mezzanine financing and allows accredited investors to earn predictable returns, backed by low-leverage, cash-flowing real estate. 

Key features/benefits of the new website include: 

  • Business Model Flexibility: Access to flexible cash-flow based financing solutions for real estate entrepreneurs and investors within a variety of asset classes (i.e. multi-family, short-term rental or self-storage properties, etc.)
  • 7-Day Close: Apply and get funded in as little as 7 days for first-time customers and 24 hours for returning customers
  • Nectar Equity Advances: Leverage your cash flow to access the funds you need without sharing in your property’s appreciation. Partner with Nectar to scale your portfolio faster by receiving years' worth of cash flow up front.
  • Nectar Affiliate Program: Build stronger, mutually beneficial client relationships, close deals faster, and create new and recurring revenue streams

This launch comes on the heels of a monumental year for Nectar. In 2023, Nectar saw 107% YoY growth in deals funded and 750% YoY growth in revenue.” 

“We are thrilled to share that this past year funding requests grew, and so did the amount of funding we were able to provide,” said CEO and Co-Founder Derrick Barker. “We look forward to supporting more clients through our new website as they grow their portfolios in 2024.” 

2023 also marked the launch of Nectar’s Affiliate Program, which is opening new doors for debt brokers, loan officers, franchisors, influencers, investors, and realtors to provide creative financing options to their clients. Members of Nectar’s Affiliate Program are eligible to earn a commission on referrals that result in a closed deal. Out of the program’s nearly 400 affiliates, the top broker earned over $300,000 throughout the year on deals he secured with Nectar. 

Founded in 2021 by Derrick Barker and Brittany Mosely, Nectar provides a better way for proven real estate operators to access capital. Instead of saving up for months to buy their next property, renovate, or hire an operations manager, Nectar’s financing solution is cash flow-based, which means they look at the net cash flow a real estate operator generates, unlike most traditional financing sources. 

Nectar provides investors access to the up-front capital they need by converting future cash flow on stabilized assets into a lump sum cash advance. The up-front capital can then be used by experienced investors to acquire new or improve existing properties. For experienced property owners, developers, and deal sponsors with stabilized assets, Nectar allows them to leverage their positive cash flow in order to manage surprise or lump sum expenses without the restrictions of additional debt or the dilution of an equity investor.

About Nectar 

Nectar’s innovative marketplace was designed to help meet the unique, short-term financing needs of real estate investors by providing liquidity to professional real estate investors with low-leverage, cash-flowing assets. Nectar accomplishes this by making mezzanine loans or 

preferred equity investments, which the borrowers then use to acquire new properties or improve existing properties. For more information, visit