Cash Flow Based Financing for Experienced Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Get the fast, flexible, non-debt financing you need to scale your rental portfolio — without raising equity.

Keep your upside.

Nectar provides experienced real estate entrepreneurs, investors
and managers Fast Flexible Financing based on your cashflow:

Put a down payment on your next property

Furnish your new rental

Make capex repairs

Add a new amenity

Fund a renovation

…without giving up ownership or putting a lien on your property.

Why should you work with Nectar?

Get cash fast.
Real estate moves fast — but Nectar moves faster. From the time we receive your full set of underwriting documents, you'll have funds wired to your bank account in as little as 7 days.
Retain your equity.
Don’t give up ownership of the business you’re working to build. Nectar allows you to scale or improve your portfolio without giving up equity or increasing your debt-to-income ratio.
Stay in control.
You know better than anybody what your business needs. With Nectar, you decide how your money gets spent based on where it will have the highest impact.
Flexible financing.
Take the funds you need when you need them. We can advance you anywhere from $50K to $2M either all at once or in separate tranches.
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You are a good fit for Nectar if...

You have a U.S. Based Business Entity

You or Your Professional Manager have 3+ Years Experience Owning/Operating Rentals

You have 12+ Months of Stabilized Net Cash Flow

Nectar is a good fit for you if...

You have positive net cash flow from rental property

You have a management fee income

You have asset management / developer fee income

How it works in 3 steps

1 Get your instant estimate

Share some simple information about yourself and your existing cash flow and receive an instant estimate of how much upfront cash we can get you!

2 Underwriting

We integrate with your bank, collect documents and use that information to provide you with the best financing possible.

3 Receive funds in 7 days

Once we receive all underwriting diligence, cash will be wired to your bank account in as little as 7 days.

No loans. No investors. (No, really.)

Nectar allows you to convert your future cash flows into a lump sum cash advance, today. Whether you need one time funding, or you're looking for an ongoing capital partner, we're here to help you build your real estate empire — without giving up any equity.
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Check out what our clients are saying

I’ve been investing in real estate for 22 years, and Nectar’s funding has helped me take advantage of the growing short-term rental market. With the time I’ve saved through working with Nectar, I’ve been able to focus on systems and scaling quicker so that my business continues to expand in the future.

- Kris B

Short Term Rental Owner-Operator

As an Airbnb host and real estate entrepreneur, it’s difficult to find capital sources that understand the unique cash flow of short-term rentals. At Nectar, everyone understands the short-term rental space, and they made it incredibly easy to get funded based on my financials.

- Jeffery P

Short Term Rental Owner-Operator

The Durham real estate market moves fast, so the time it takes to find funding can mean the difference between landing a great property and missing out altogether. I’ve gotten advances from Nectar for 3 rental units I arbitrage, and each time I’ve been impressed by their team’s speed and efficiency!

- Justin W

Short Term Rental Owner and Abritrager

It's been great working with Brittany and the Nectar team for what is now coming up on one year. Many lenders just look at the numbers and judge you off your credit score and work history alone, but Nectar is very personable and accessible, taking the time to get to know me and my business.

- Brett S

Real Estate Investor

Nectar helped us secure over $1 million in working capital. This enabled us to grow proactively instead of waiting until we saved up enough cash. I was so impressed with the Nectar team’s speed and flexibility, and I highly recommend them to any real estate investor looking to grow!

- Harrison Y

Short Term Rental Owner-Operator

Get Started Today.

Get the fast, flexible, non-debt financing you need to scale your rental portfolio — without raising equity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nectar do?

Nectar gives experienced real estate entrepreneurs, investors, managers and hosts an advance based on their existing net cash flow. Access capital without taking on debt or diluting your equity.

Is it a loan?

Nope! It's better and safer than a loan. It's an advance. You are not taking on any debt and we are not taking any equity. No hard default. Flexible financing when you need it. Less risk.

How much does Nectar cost?

Nectar turns your existing cash flow into upfront capital and only charges you an annual financing fee of 12 - 18% per year based on your operational history and risk profile. No origination fees, no compounding interest, and no processing fees.

What is the term length?

You choose the term that makes sense for your business. The shorter the term the cheaper the financing fee will be. The longer the term the more money we can get you upfront!!

Does a Nectar advance impact my credit score?

A Nectar advance will not affect your credit score. When you check your instant estimate we do run a soft credit check. But don't worry, this soft inquiry will not affect your credit score. Soft credit inquiries on your report do not lower your credit score, but you may see when you view your report that this inquiry was made.

What can I do with my Nectar Capital?

Most hosts, owners and managers use the money to renovate, furnish, lease, or cover the down payment on their next property. Others use it to add new amenities to their existing properties, grow their team or even acquire other management companies. Ultimately, it is your money so you use it how you see fit! The options are endless.

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