Real estate is a capital intensive business. In order to grow and scale your company, you need money. What we are trying to do is break down the barriers to financing in the short-term rental industry.  - Brittany Mosely, Nectar Co-Founder

Nectar Co-Founders Derrick Barker and Brittany Mosely joined Wil Slickers on “Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast” to talk about their entrepreneurship journey and the problems that Nectar is solving in the short-term rental space. 

In this episode, Brittany and Derrick discuss: 

  • How short-term rentals differ from traditional real estate operations
  • Making entrepreneurship work for their family
  • Involving their children in the business 
  • The problem that Nectar was created to solve
  • How Nectar’s cashflow financing works
  • Nectar’s response to the current economic environment
Have an idea of the life that’s going to keep you sane, and then build a business around that. You can build a business that fits the life that you want. - Derrick Barker, Nectar CEO