All of these people who are out there, on the ground, working, making things happen to actually create the experience that we all experience, they’re actually doing all the work. And they should get the upside. They should own the property. They should have a financial system that works for them instead of works against them. - Derrick Barker, Nectar CEO and co-founder

Nectar Co-Founders Derrick Barker and Brittany Mosely joined “the no BS short-term rental podcast” for a conversation about some of the biggest issues real estate entrepreneurs face when seeking funding, and how Nectar is providing a unique solution.

In this episode, Derrick and Brittany talk about:

  • Their experience as real estate entrepreneurs
  • Challenges they faced when seeking outside investors
  • How they escaped the real estate rat race and are empowering others to do the same
  • The importance of getting funding from someone who understands short term rentals 
  • Nectar’s unique process for vetting real estate entrepreneurs 
  • Their vision for Nectar’s future 
As a short-term rental entrepreneur, when you’re going out and talking to these lenders, they’re trying to find ways to not give you money. Whereas here at Nectar, we understand what it means to be a real estate entrepreneur, to be a short-term rental host, and we are trying to find ways where we can work with you in order to give you capital up front, so you can grow and scale. - Brittany Mosely, Nectar Co-Founder