If you’re looking for a way to help your clients expand — while earning a generous commission in the process — consider signing up for the Nectar Affiliate Partner Program.

Through this program, we work with realtors, brokers, loan officers, franchisors, influencers, property managers, and investors and pay them a commission on every closed deal they refer to Nectar.

There’s a reason why more than 300 professionals have joined the affiliate program in just a few months: it’s a win-win opportunity for you and for your clients! 

But how do you know which deals are a good fit for Nectar financing? And how do you determine if your clients will qualify? Use this article as your simple guide to Nectar’s ideal customer profile. 

Who Nectar Funds

Nectar’s financing solution is cash flow-based, which means we primarily look at the net cash flow a real estate operator generates, unlike most traditional financing sources. Our ideal client is an experienced real estate owner or operator who’s already generating cash flow, opposed to those in the beginning stage of their real estate journey. 

More specifically, these are the criteria we look for:


  • 3+ years of experience owning or operating rentals
  • A cash flow positive portfolio with 12+ months of stabilized performance 
  • A U.S.-based business 
  • Less than 75% portfolio-level LTV 


  • An established business entity 
  • A dedicated business bank account 
  • A professional bookkeeper for your business

We also want to see that the operator is pursuing a high-ROI opportunity. This could be anything from making a down payment on a new property, to repairing a current property, to hiring new team members, to refinancing high-cost debt.

Who Nectar Doesn’t Fund

Nectar works well with a wide variety of asset classes and business models. However, we do not currently provide funding to investors in retail, office, or industrial real estate.

We also don’t work with first-time real estate investors or investors with less than 3 years of experience. We’re best equipped to help experienced operators looking to keep growing, so if that sounds like someone in your network, send them our way! 

Have a Deal, But Not Sure if it’s the Right Fit?

Even if you’re not sure if a deal is the perfect fit for Nectar, we’d still love to hear from you. Maybe it’s a unique deal structure, or maybe the operator meets most of the criteria above, but falls a little short on one or two points.

We’re always happy to connect with our affiliates and see if there’s a way to make a deal work. And even if your client isn’t the perfect fit right now, they may be ready for Nectar in a year or even a few months from now.

When in doubt, feel free to reach out! Simply sign up for the affiliate program today, and a member of our team will be in touch with next steps.