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Get Paid for Your Pad with Derrick Barker

Derrick Barker

CEO & Founder

“We’re fast. We can get the first deal done in 5-6 days. We’re flexible. You can use us for whatever. And our financing does not interfere with your existing capital sources. So if you have a mortgage, that’s fine. You can keep your mortgage. And you can keep your upside.”

- Nectar Co-Founder and CEO Derrick Barker

Nectar CEO Derrick Barker joined Jasper Ribbers on “Get Paid for Your Pad” to talk about Nectar’s cash flow based financing options for short term rental operators and other real estate investors. If you’re interested in learning more about how Nectar can help you access the capital you need, this is a great place to start! 

In this episode, Derrick explains:

  • How Nectar financing works
  • The background that inspired him to start Nectar
  • The benefits of Nectar in our current lending environment
  • Who Nectar is for 

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