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Get Paid For Your Pad Podcast: Get Funding to Grow Your Airbnb Portfolio with Nectar

Derrick Barker

CEO & Founder

“We are not a loan, there is no interest rate or maturity. We are allowing you to sell a portion of your net cash flow. That means that if you already have a mortgage in place, we don’t take a lien on your property. So we’re invisible to your mortgage lender.”

- Nectar CEO and Co-Founder Derrick Barker

Nectar founder and CEO Derrick Barker joined the “Get Paid for Your Pad” podcast to share an overview of how Nectar is helping real estate entrepreneurs scale with cash flow financing. He also shares his perspective on some of the recent trends he’s seen in the short-term rental space, and he describes the underwriting and application process for receiving an advance from Nectar. 

In this episode, Derrick talks about:

  • His own experience as a real estate entrepreneur
  • How Nectar’s funding works
  • The challenge of getting a mortgage for short-term rental entrepreneurs
  • An overview of Nectar’s underwriting process 
  • How Nectar benefits investors
  • The value of investing in your short-term rental business

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