It’s not a loan, we’re not interfering with your mortgage, there’s no intercreditor agreement, you’re just selling the net cash flow that you generate, over and above your interest and expenses. -Derrick Barker, Nectar Co-Founder and CEO

Nectar Co-Founder and CEO Derrick Barker joined Roger Blankenship on his podcast, “Flipping America,” to break down what it actually means to sell your cash flow to Nectar. Derrick provides an inside look at Nectar’s application, underwriting, and risk mitigation processes and explains how Nectar is positioned to perform under various economic conditions. 

In this episode, Derrick discusses:

  • What it actually means to “sell your cash flow”
  • How much does it cost to sell your cash flow?
  • Nectar’s underwriting and risk mitigation
  • How the economy impacts Nectar’s performance