Grow your rental arbitrage business with Nectar.

Nectar can provide fast financing for rental arbitrageurs to fund lease deposits, furnish your properties and more. 

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Pay for a security deposit.
Design and furnish a new rental.
Grow your team.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

Nectar gives you more control over your funds than investors or lenders. Why? Because it’s your business — so you should decide how to leverage the financing we provide in the most effective way possible. 

Use Nectar funds to purchase new units, furnish or renovate existing units, or grow your team. 
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Flexible terms.

While most of the real estate entrepreneurs we fund will repay their advance over a 3-year term, Nectar prioritizes flexibility — and we’ll work with you to structure terms that work for you.

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What is Nectar?

Nectar gives experienced short-term rental entrepreneurs, managers and hosts an advance on their future net cash flow. Instead of saving up for months to buy your next property, refresh your unit or hire an operations manager, Nectar gives you money today to scale your business.

Is this a loan?

Nope! It's better and safer than a loan. It's an advance. You are not taking on any debt and we are not taking any equity. No hard default. Flexible payments that decrease during slow months. Less risk.

What can I do with my Nectar capital?

Most hosts, owners and managers use the money to renovate, furnish, lease, or cover the down payment on their next property. Ultimately, it is your money so you use it how you see fit!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out! Please contact for more information.

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