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Nectar offers investors the unique opportunity to own diversified pools of cash flow from top-performing real estate entrepreneurs.

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The Fund solicits investment capital from Accredited Investors.

Nectar offers investors the unique opportunity to own the cash flows of top-performing real estate entrepreneurs.

The Fund allocates capital to established Real Estate Investors and Managers generating stabilized cashflows.

The sponsor assigns Nectar Fund a portion of their stabilized cash flow for a period of 1-5 years and quickly begins making monthly payments.

Preferred members earn a 3.5% quarterly distribution on stable rental properties with strong downside protection.

Nectar only works with proven operators that have stable rental portfolios with lower than 85% LTV (including Nectar).

Strong downside protection
Geographic and operator diversification
No management/
Incentive fees to Nectar
Nectar Fund 2

Real estate entrepreneurs scale and upgrade their portfolios, without giving up equity.

Investors earn attractive quarterly dividends through a 100% passive income stream

Nectar Fund 2 Snapshot

Open To
Accredited Investors
Stated Distribution
3% Quarterly, 12.54% Annually (if reinvested)
April 2023 Special
3.5% Quarterly, 14.75% (if reinvested), for 12 calendar quarters
Reg D, Preferred Units of LLC Interests
Tax Reporting
Minimum Investment
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Through Nectar, accredited investors have the unique opportunity to own the cash flows of top-performing short-term rental operators.