High Yield.
Low Risk.
Current Income.

Own a diversified pool of mezzanine loans to top performing real estate investors with low leverage, cash flowing properties.

Invest with Nectar
3% Stated Quarterly Distributions
Low Leverage,
High Cash Flow Properties
Experienced, Proven Real Estate Operators
No Fees & Preferred Return
For Investors

Nectar provides working capital loans to real estate investors with low leverage, cash flowing properties.

This investment is intentionally designed to reduce risks associated with most real estate debt and equity investments.

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Why invest with Nectar?

Risks, Reduced: Nectar is designed to minimize risks for our investors by only lending to stabilized properties with low leverage.

Aligned Interests: Our investors are paid first every quarter. So if they don't earn their full distribution, Nectar earns nothing.

Stability & Predictability: Unlike other investments out there, Nectar has much less volatility. Our investors earn a predictable 3% every quarter.

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Need liquidity faster? Not a problem - your investment will generate monthly income, paid quarterly.  Or you can reinvest your distributions, allowing them to compound and generate higher returns over time.

Quarterly distributions are reinvested
in Nectar Fund II.
Quarterly cash distributions
targeting 12-15% to investor.

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What does Nectar do?

Nectar has created an innovative financial product that allows you as an investor to purchase a stream of income generated from a piece of property. Short term rentals/Airbnb is the most innovative and high yielding space in real estate right now so that is our focus. We vet thousands of Airbnb hosts and only provide financing to the absolute best operators with the most consistent income profile.

How does the Investment Product Work?

We make an up front payment in exchange for a share of a host's revenue that equals up to 65% of the cashflow (net income minus all operating expenses) that a host generates on a monthly basis. We call this amount their minimum budgeted payment (MBP).

As the host makes money from guests staying at their Airbnb they pay us a portion of their net income that corresponds to their MBP. The MBP is used to support the targeted quarterly distribution for investors.

What happens if a host is underperforming?

1. Replace the underperforming management company and assign a new manager
2. Extend the term of the agreement if the operator hasn’t paid the advance back in full at the end of the term
3. Swap underperforming units out for high-performing units in the operator’s portfolio

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out! Please contact investors@usenectar.com for more information.

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Through Nectar, accredited investors have the unique opportunity to own a diversified pool of loans backed by low leverage, cash flowing properties.