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Getting Funded

What property types do you offer funding for?

Multifamily, Assisted Living, Long Term, Single Family Rentals, Hospitality, Commercial Real Estate (like storage facilities and student housing)

Is there a lockout period?

Yes, there is a 1 year lockout period regardless of term length. This is open for conversation, there may be alternative options.

What am I able to use the funding for?

No strings attached, provided the funding is going towards business-related expenditures.

How much funding can you provide?

$100K-2M Per Entity

What is the requirement to qualify for funding?

Read here to learn about our requirements and to see how you can qualify for Nectar financing.

What geographical area does Nectar serve?

Your entity must be located in the United States and US territories.

Do you require a credit check and what are the minimum scores required if so?

We do not do a hard credit pull! We will do a soft credit pull, this will not impact your personal credit or DTI.

If I have multiple entities, can I request funding for each entity?

Yes! The great news is Nectar provides funding on a per-entity basis. This means if you have a few entities which are cashflow positive we can leverage the cashflow on those entities for you to infuse into the entities that may not be performing as well.

What are your term options?

Simple amortization, no arms, and typical terms are 1-5 years.

What am I able to use the funding for?

Funding can be used for business-related expenditures such as completing renovations, hiring new employees, new acquisition equity & more. Reach out to our team if you have questions!

What’s your rate?

Well, since rates are always subject to change, our annualized financing fee may vary.

Do you have any prepayment penalties?

We do not have traditional hard prepayment penalties. We provide a buyback schedule with every quote for full disclosure.

How do you handle partnerships within an entity that apply for funding?

We can lend to a partnership based on the percentages in the Operating Agreement that you control or own. Any partner who owns more than 25% must be a signor.

Do you have specific leverage limits in place?

Yes. We can lend up to a portfolio limit of 80% including Nectar’s advance.

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Becoming an Affiliate

Can I charge my own origination fee?

Yes, we allow for the origination fee to be paid at closing, included on the settlement statement, and paid from the Nectar advance proceeds. You’ll need to add your origination agreement to your affiliate dashboard so referrals can read through and agree to your terms. Remember, however, this will increase the potential for your referral to look for funding elsewhere as this will be on top of the annualized finance fee we already charge here at Nectar.

What are the ways an affiliate can find the most success?

Connect us with your client as soon as possible! Ideally, be on the call so you can listen and learn.

What if I have brokers that work under me, can I introduce them to Nectar and make a commission on their deals?

Yes, you can introduce other affiliate partners to Nectar and add them to your downline. You will receive an override commission on their funded deals. Your downline goes one level deep, but as wide as you can grow it.

How do I submit an application on behalf of my client?

That’s easy! Simply log into your affiliate dashboard and submit it there!

Do you have a way for me to track all of my deals?

Yes! Login to your account and from your dashboard you will be able to see all of your associated deals, their current status, and the total revenue you have earned.

Do I get a landing page to send clients to?

Yes, you will receive a personalized landing page with a custom URL to distribute to your clients where they can learn more and apply.

Do you have a way for me to track all of my deals?

Yes! Log in to your account and from your dashboard you will be able to see all of your associated deals, their current status, and the total revenue you have earned.

If the borrower tries to circumvent the broker, how do I still get credit for this?

We store cookies on our website so their initial entry point will always be stored. As long as their initial entry point is your affiliate landing page, you will get credit. If they navigate away from your affiliate landing page and fill out their application elsewhere, our system will recognize their initial entry point as being associated with you as their affiliate. If there are ever any complications, please just let us know, and we can always attribute an affiliate to you as long as you can show that you introduced them to Nectar prior to their application.

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