By having access to more capital from Nectar, I’m able to invest a lot deeper in my homes, make them as fun as possible, and grow them much quicker. I’m hoping to actually get 10 more [properties] in the next year. - Kasra J, Owner-Operator

About the Investor

Kasra J. is the owner and operator of ten short-term rentals in and around Orange County, California. From arcades to playgrounds to tracks for cars, Kasra works hard to make sure every home is set up to give guests a unique vacation experience. In just three years Kasra has built a successful, cash flowing portfolio, and he plans to continue expanding in the future.

The Challenge

Access Capital to Purchase Additional STR Properties

When Kasra started investing in the short-term rental space, he quickly realized that the business model was successful and he wanted to keep growing. But even though all his houses were cash flow positive, he had trouble convincing anyone to give him capital to grow more quickly.

Outside investors had too many questions because they didn’t understand the unique business model behind Airbnbs, or they wanted to take a larger share of ownership in the property than Kasra was comfortable with. 

The Result

Flexible, Non-Debt Financing Purpose Built for the STR Business

When Kasra discovered Nectar, he quickly realized that the cash flow financing model would be the perfect way to scale his STR business without giving up equity.

“Nectar totally understood my business and the potential for my business to grow,” he shared. “The whole process was extremely streamlined and made it very easy for me to get access to capital.” 

Kasra’s financing from Nectar allowed him to invest in the growth of his business: making a down payment on a new property, furnishing and renovating, and investing in staff. By continuing to use Nectar as a capital source, Kasra hopes to expand his portfolio faster and wider than he’s been able to in the past, with the goal of acquiring ten new properties in the next year.

“If you believe in your business and believe in the model, Nectar just allows you to supercharge that and grow much quicker than you would otherwise.”