Even the most experienced multifamily real estate owners, operators, and investors will often struggle to access the capital they may need to grow. 

While they possess significant equity in their portfolio, this value is tied up within their properties.

And since traditional lenders are often hesitant to provide funding based on cash flow or property value, it’s difficult to find capital for new investments, expansions, or other business endeavors. 

Nectar’s cash flow-based financing is tailor-made to solve this problem. Nectar is making it easier than ever for experienced real estate investors to access fast, flexible capital based on your existing cash flow. 

Keep reading to learn why this financing strategy is an especially powerful tool for multifamily investors.

5 Benefits of Cash Flow Financing for Multifamily Investors 

Nectar provides an effective solution for multifamily owner-operators and investors seeking to leverage the cash flow of their current portfolio. 

With this funding option, operators can obtain a cash advance against their stabilized rents, essentially unlocking the value tied up in their properties. This approach prioritizes the cash flow generated by the rental income, making it an attractive choice for operators with consistent rental revenues.

Here are five other benefits of this method:

1. Speed and Efficiency 

At Nectar, we understand that real estate moves fast and deals are often time sensitive. We’ve prioritized efficiency in our funding process, so we can provide first-time customers with capital in as little as 7 days — and in as little as 24 hours for returning customers. 

2. Accessibility and Flexibility

Because Nectar focuses primarily on cash flow potential, we’re able to provide funding to a wide range of multifamily owner-operators and investors who may not qualify for traditional funding opportunities. We don’t prioritize credit history, collateral constraints, or debt-to-income ratio to nearly the same extent as banks or other lending institutions. 

3. Preservation of Ownership and Control

Multifamily investors work incredibly hard to build their portfolios, and we believe that they should have the opportunity to access capital without giving up ownership or control. Nectar financing gives you the freedom to shape and grow your portfolio as you see fit, without diluting your ownership stake. 

4. Scalability and Growth Potential

Nectar’s financing allows you to leverage the equity of one property to fuel the growth or acquisition of others. This structure gives you an unparalleled opportunity to expand your portfolio and diversify your holdings.

5. Strategic Partnership

When you partner with Nectar, you’re gaining access to a strategic partner with a deep understanding of real estate financing and the real estate market. Our founders are serial real estate entrepreneurs who have successfully invested in a wide variety of asset types and markets, and they want to help investors like you grow. 

Grow Your Multifamily Portfolio with Cash Flow-Based Financing

Multi-family operators in a diverse set of U.S. markets have recognized the benefits of Nectar's cash flow-based financing. With its speed, accessibility, and flexibility, this financing option aligns perfectly with their needs and goals. 

Learn how one multifamily operator used Nectar to finance his renovations. 

By leveraging their stabilized rents, they’ve been able to unlock the cash flow potential of their properties, empowering them to seize new opportunities, expand their portfolios, and achieve long-term success in the competitive real estate market.