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Case Study: Albert D.

Derrick Barker

CEO & Founder

"One of the big challenges of being in the real estate business is it's very capital intensive, and then when you do make the investment, getting a very small relative return on the day-to-day basis. A lot of the value we do produce is 'in the bricks.' So it's an illiquid investment, and financing solutions like Nectar are very welcome."

- Albert D., Multifamily Investor and Property Manager

Investor Profile

Investor Type: Multifamily owner-operator

Portfolio Size: 500+ units under management

Location: Northeastern U.S. 

Experience: 22 years as an investor and manager

Deal Economics

Number of Advances to Date:

Average Term Length: 48 months

About the Owner-Operator

Albert D. is a successful multifamily owner and operator, focused on small to mid-sized properties for mid and long term rentals in the Northeastern United States. He’s been investing and managing properties for 22 years, and in that time has built his business to include more than 500 units under management. 

The Challenge: Accessing Working Capital for Day-to-Day Multifamily Management

No matter how experienced a multifamily investor is or how big their portfolio grows, the challenges of accessing capital don’t go away. In fact, many traditional financing sources actually get more restrictive as you grow, leaving the top performing operators with limited funding options. 

Albert D. had a cash flowing, highly successful business, but with so much of his capital tied up in his assets, he was looking for more liquidity to manage day-to-day expenses and continued expansion. 

The Solution: Cash Flow-Based Financing from Nectar 

Unlike most other capital sources for multifamily investors, Nectar bases our financing primarily on the cash flow of an investor’s portfolio. 

Because of this, multifamily investors like Albert can qualify for a cash advance, which acts as working capital they can use to make renovations, pay for maintenance, and cover other routine, day-to-day expenses that come with managing multifamily properties. 

Nectar’s financing considers your entire portfolio — rather than one specific asset — so it’s also a powerful tool for expansion. Operators like Albert can use Nectar funds to make down payments on new properties, cover pursuit costs of exploring new opportunities, and more. 

“If you produced a lot of value in a certain deal and you want to do another one, Nectar comes in and is invaluable in helping to access those funds,” Albert explained.

If you’re an experienced multifamily operator looking for working capital to keep growing your business, our team at Nectar would love to connect with you. Create an account here to see how much you qualify for. 

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