Growing your portfolio is capital intensive, and even the most experienced operators are often slowed down by the fact that their capital is tied up in their properties.

Nectar has the solution, providing cash flow-based financing experienced owners and operators can use to grow without sacrificing equity.

With Nectar’s flexible financing, there’s no impact on credit, no origination fees, and no balloon payments. This solution is a powerful alternative to mortgages, DSCR loans, and MCAs. 

However, many people are unaware of the full range of possibilities Nectar financing offers. It's not just for purchasing new properties; you can use it to fund a variety of activities that will fuel your business’ growth. 

Let's explore five examples of how Nectar financing can be your key to successful expansion: 

1. Make a Down Payment on a New Property

It can be challenging to grow your portfolio when your liquidity is already tied up in multiple rental properties — especially for capital intensive projects like multifamily investing. 

Nectar can fill this gap by providing a cash advance based on your existing cash flow. Many of our customers use this capital to make a down payment on their next property sooner than they’d otherwise be able to. 

After all, lucrative opportunities won’t wait until you’re ready, and you often need to move fast to keep up. At Nectar, we can provide financing in as little as 7 days for your first deal, and 24 hours for subsequent deals, allowing you to take advantage of new deals whenever they arise. 

2. Refinance High-Interest Debt 

Is high-interest debt eating into your profits or hindering your ability to grow? If you’re an experienced investor with multiple cash flowing properties, you may be able to use a cash advance from Nectar to refinance or pay down that debt faster. 

3. Fund Your Renovations

If you’re looking to increase rents or boost your property value, Nectar financing can help you pay for a renovation or for adding a new amenity to your rental property. 

Since Nectar primarily bases our financing on your cash flow, we’re able to approve customers who might not be a strong candidate for traditional financing types.

If you’re a short-term rental owner looking to increase your revenue, check out this webinar to learn which amenities and updates can add the most value to your property. 

4. Furnish a New Unit

Purchasing a new property is only half the battle; if you’re operating a short term rental or a pre-furnished long term rental, you’ll also need to furnish your unit. These costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re preparing multiple units at once. 

Nectar financing offers a convenient way to secure the funds needed to furnish your properties, ensuring they are ready for occupancy and can start generating income as soon as possible.

Find out how one customer used Nectar to furnish her new Airbnbs.

5. Grow Your Team 

Expanding your real estate business often involves making strategic hires. Whether you're looking to bring in new team members or even acquire another management company, having the liquidity to pay for these growth-oriented moves is crucial. 

Nectar financing is a powerful option for accessing the capital you need to expand your team and capabilities. With the right people on board, your real estate enterprise can reach new heights of success.

Don’t Let Liquidity Limit Your Growth

If you’re an experienced owner or operator, you shouldn’t have to wait to keep expanding. Whether you’re looking to make a down payment on a new property, refinance high-interest debt, fund renovations, furnish new units, or expand your team, Nectar can be your trusted partner on this exciting journey.

So why wait? Seize the opportunity to take your real estate business to the next level. With Nectar by your side, the possibilities are endless!